At Rhubee’s we are all about YUM!!

At Rhubee’s we are all about YUM!!

At Rhubee’s we are all about YUM!! We love any and everything to do with baking. We are masters at experimenting – we haven’t mastered everything but we are masters at trying. And when you get something right… OH MY WORD – happiness!!

We have just launched our new Belgian Dark and Milk chocolate chips – Yip! The finest couverture chocolate in chip form for all your baking and cooking requirements. These little buttons of yumminess are PERFECT for chocolate chip brownies (psst – recipe coming soon).


The dark chips are great for making gnache, and sauces, they are also the perfect decoration for cakes.

Another fab use is for fondues. A Belgian Chocolate fondue – the perfect dessert for a dinner party.

Get creative with your chocolate chips – add them to your smoothies, make some yummy granola bars and add them into those. Put them into your crumpet or pancake mixes. Add them to your banana bread mix – the nice thing is they are sucrose-free, so splash out and just enjoy!