South Africa’s sucrose-free chocolatiers

Our story began several years ago when we recognised the health dangers of sucrose (cane sugar). As chocolate lovers we realised it was time to make delicious, quality sucrose-free chocolates that we too could enjoy.

And so began our search for a top quality Belgian couverture chocolate, quality almonds and hazelnuts, pure peppermint oil and sucrose-free sugar substitutes to make our own fillings.

Finally, the right ingredients all came together and we started sharing our chocolates with friends and family. Word about our delicious sucrose-free couverture chocolate bars spread ... and we just couldn’t keep them to ourselves! Demand for our dark and milk sucrose-free Belgian chocolate bars has quickly grown and Rhubee’s is now available in a number of stockists around the country.

More than chocolate

Our customers soon began asking us about natural unsweetened gluten free cocoa and sucrose-free sugar substitutes. We did our research, and now offer our health-conscious customers a quality range of unsweetened, natural unsweetened gluten free cocoa powder, and xylitol