Sucrose is a naturally occurring sugar, commonly known as table sugar or cane sugar. Sucrose is found naturally in most plants, but especially in sugarcane and sugar beets. Sucrose is a disaccharide sugar made up of two monosaccharide sugar units – glucose and fructose.

Why Sucrose/Sugar-Free?

Sucrose or cane sugar (your everyday table sugar), has been called a poison, a drug and a toxin, and over the past few years scientists have linked sucrose to illnesses ranging from heart disease and diabetes to cancer, ulcers, gallstones, arthritis and adrenal fatigue. Sucrose suppresses the immune system, promotes aging, and affects the brain in the same way that morphine and other opioids do.

What Is Rhubee’s Sugar-free Belgian Chocolate Sweetened With?

Rhubee’s sugar-free Belgian dark and sucrose-free milk chocolate is sweetened with maltitol, a sugar alcohol (a polyol) used as a sugar substitute. The fillings we make for our chocolate are sweetened with the sugar substitute xylitol.

I Am A Retailer. Can I Stock Rhubee’s Products In My Store?

Why do we use the terms Sucrose-free or Sugar free?

All milk chocolate has milk powder in it – Milk is lactose = lactose =  sugar. Therefore you will see all our milk chocolates are labelled sucrose-free. Our dark chocolate, along with our yummy wonky bars are actually Sugar-free – this is because our dark chocolate doesn’t contain any milk powder and we use xylitol as a sugar substitute.

Nutritional Information on chocolate bars

Based on our plain milk chocolate, plain dark chocolate and plain white chocolate the nutritional information is as follows:

Milk Chocolate per 100g serving

Energy 497 kcal

Energy 2081 kJ

Fat 36.6g

Saturated fat 22g

Carbohydrates 50g

Carbohydrate sugars 7.8g

Protein 6.8g

Salt 0.20g

Dark Chocolate per 100g serving

Energy 478 kcal

Energy 1998 kJ

Fat 36g

Saturated fat 22g

Carbohydrates 46g

Carbohydrate sugars 0.1g

Protein 5.1g

Salt 0.01g

White Chocolate per 100g serving

Energy 509 kcal

Energy 2132 kJ

Fat 38.3g

Saturated fat 23g

Carbohydrates 53g

Carbohydrate sugars 8.2g

Protein 5.8g

Salt 0.21g