Sugar-Free – Dark Belgian Chocolate Chips 125g


Sugar-free Belgian Dark Chocolate Chips. The finest Belgian couverture chocolate chips. Great for cooking, baking, eating. For fondues, ganache, ice-cream, cake decorations, sauces – perfect for chocolate chip cookies and brownies.


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We at Rhubee’s use only the finest Belgian couverture chocolate to make our chocolate chips. Our imported chocolate is produced from high-grade cocoa beans that have been roasted in their shells. This releases their aromatic oils for a more complex, deeper cocoa flavour.

Our chocolate is then expertly crafted in the time-honoured Belgian tradition to produce the finest couverture chocolate.

Cocoa beans used in our chocolate chips are sourced from West Africa and are certified “sustainable”. So while the environment is protected, farmers earn an equitable income enabling them to provide for the basic health, education needs and well-being of their families.

A Healthier Alternative

Rhubee’s handmade chocolate chips are a delicious, healthy alternative to chocolate chips which have been sweetened with cane sugar or sucrose. Our sugar-free dark chocolate is sweetened with maltitol, a sugar alcohol (a polyol) used as a sugar substitute.

Rhubee’s sugar-free dark chocolate is a more diabetic-friendly option than chocolate sweetened with sucrose, but please check with your doctor or dietician before including maltitol in your diet.


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